mkm plastics extrusions MKM Plastics + MKM Extrusions - Why Do We Use Two Names? There are many plastics manufacturing companies in the UK, the majority of which are plastic moulders. We are not plastic moulders, we are plastic extruders and our name reflects how we use a different process. Our full name is MKM Extrusions Ltd, the name we are registered as and the name given to customers when they contact us by phone. If you call us we will say "MKM Extrusions, how can I help you?" That is who we are and extrusion is what we do. We know that a wide array of words are typed into Google when trying to source plastic extrusions. Despite the fact that almost all industries use extrusions, many people are not familiar with the word and would search instead for trims, profiles or sections. Or often something else entirely! Even if the word 'extrusion' is familiar to the person searching, spelling variations can be entered into the search bar. So, our aim is to make it clear that we are manufacturers solely using the extrusion process. However to ease the customer journey we must make it easy for people to communicate with us. That is why we are known by both names - MKM Extrusions + MKM Plastics. Contacting MKM Extrusions by phone Prospective customers, as well as existing customers, contact us by phone every day. If they are searching for an extrusion profile that we know is in our stock range, which it often is, we verbally explain how to find that particular product on our web site. Our on-line shop is something we are really proud of because we get such fantastic customer feedback about how easy it is to navigate and make on-line purchases. Once the person finds what they want on our shop the rest of their process is a dream. So that means we frequently provide the caller with our website URL over the phone. We have found that rolls off the tongue and everyone knows how to spell 'plastics.' There is no confusion about spelling, and the customer quickly lands on the right page. Contacting MKM Extrusions by email Our main contact email is Again, this is information which we frequently have to convey over the phone. Simplifying the name means the emails reach us because there is no uncertainty about how to spell 'extrusions' and the emails reach us without bouncing. contact-mkm-plastics-extrusions Socialising with MKM Extrusions When we started our social media journey the first thing we had to do was make a decision on our name for the digital social world. We decided to follow the same path. On most of our social channels our profiles say we are called MKM Extrusions Ltd but our digital handles and URLs use MKM Plastics: YouTube Twitter Facebook Pinterest The only exception to this is our LinkedIn company page. For more information about our stock products and custom extrusions, please get in touch. Call 01208 873566 to chat to a friendly advisor or email