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Plastic Slide Binders

Plastic Slide Binders

Description guide for plastic binders: 1st internal width - 2nd external depth - 3rd thickness | M = metres, mm = millimetres

Plastic Slide Binders for edging, binding paper, hanging posters, display applications and providing a clean, professional edging trim. This profile has a flat spine and is often used as a paper binder or to grip onto boards or panels. We use UK external grade rigid PVC to manufacture plastic Slide Binder trim.

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BIND 10mm x 20mm x 1mmBI-10201BExternal Grade Rigid PVCBlack 25 X 3M

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Plastic binders for gripping
Plastic binders are ideal for applications when the profile needs to grip onto a board or panel, for binding papers together, hanging posters and other display applications. This plastic binder trim is also used for edging when a firm grip is required.

How plastic slide binders are measured
Dimensions for plastic slide binders are as follows:

1st dimension is the internal width of the plastic binder
2nd dimension is the external depth
3rd dimension is the thickness of the plastic binder

For example, the BIND 10mm x 20mm x 1mm is a plastic binder designed to contain a maximum of 10mm. The opening of the plastic binder is narrower but the profile will be able to grip up to 10mm of whatever is inserted into the plastic binder. Examples of which could be papers, glass or board. The plastic binder is 20mm measured externally and the thickness of the plastic binder is 1mm.

Size and colour of plastic slide binder bars
The plastic binder with the smallest internal width is 1.5mm going up to 10mm with several sizes in between. The plastic binders are available in standard packs of 75 metres (25 X 3 metres) in the colour white and black. For other sizes and colours plastic binders please contact us for a custom quote.

Paper binder with a flat spine
The spines for our range of plastic binders are flat rather than rounded. Contact us for a free sample so you can check if the plastic binder trim is suitable for your requirements.

External grade PVC plastic binders
As with all of our stock rigid profiles the external grade PVC material of the plastic binders is suitable for using outside.

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