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Plastic Extrusion - Explanation

Plastic extrusion is the continuous process of shaping a fixed, cross-sectional profile by forcing raw materials in the form of plastic granules though a die. The granules are fed from a top mounted hopper into the barrel of the extruder and then heated and mixed. The melted granules are pushed into the die, which shapes the molten plastic into the desired shape. The compound is then pushed through the extrusion tool, passed through a series of forming gates and is cooled with chilled water.

Plastic profiles are extruded in continuous lengths which is achieved by pulling the finished product out of a die. This is pulled through an automated cutting system and then cut to a pre-determined length.

Extrusion is an economical manufacturing option as it is a highly efficient process and there is minimal material waste. We are accredited with the
ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System.

What do we need from you?

Drawing of your design with dimensions. This can either be in electronic form or a sketch. Alternatively we can quote without a drawing if you send us a sample of your existing product.

We would need an indication of the required meterage and the chosen plastic material.

Benefits of our in-house tooling die manufacturing facility

We have a fully equipped in-house die tooling facility which means that we are very efficient in the process of producing custom extrusions. This is particularly helpful for our customers as it means we have an extremely fast turnaround and we can easily make modifications to the tooling prior to approval. It also gives us complete control over quality as we are accredited with the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System. Custom tooling normally takes between three and four weeks.

All dies are made in-house by our highly skilled technicians using the latest CAD-CAM software and EDM (Electric Discharge Machining).

measuring plasitc extrusion

Do you need a custom extrusion?

Let us know your requirements and our experienced technicians will consider whether you need a custom extrusion. It may be that one of our stock extrusions will meet your needs thereby being more cost effective for you. If you need a custom extrusion this is the process it will follow:

    Expert advice will be provided and we will co-operate with you to ensure the finished product meets your specification. A production drawing will be created including agreed tolerances which we will send you for approval.
    In-house tooling means that tools can be developed and modified quickly and we have complete control over quality.
    This is the process of ensuring the newly produced tooling meets your exact requirements for your finished product.
    We will send you samples for approval prior to starting the main production run and modifications will be made if necessary.
    We have a fast turnaround on production as everything is produced on site and we manufacture 24 hours a day.
    We will despatch your goods to the required destination or you may arrange collection using your own delivery company.

packaging plastic extrision

In-line & off-line services


For custom production we can manufacture in any colour and we offer a range of standard colours.

We can match to RAL or Pantone numbers and also provide a colour matching service if you send us a sample of an existing product that you would like to match.


Cutting to Length

Profiles can be manufactured to required lengths as part of the production process.

We are able to extrude rigid profiles up to 6 metres in length.


cutting plastic extrusion


We can print text at regular intervals on rigid profiles as an in-line process.

Examples of printed text could be a company name, web address or product code.


printing plastic extrusion example

Adhesive Tape

We can apply adhesive tape to larger quantities of plastic extrusions either in-line or off-line dependant on the profile.



adhesive tape plastic extrusion

Drilling & Punching

We can drill and punch holes in extruded plastic profiles as an off-line process. Punching and drilling can be a cost effective method for creating holes.



drilling or punching plastic extrusions


A mitre cutting service is available for the ends of our plastic profiles as an off-line process.



mitred plastic extrusion


We manufacture co-extrusions which is a combination of rigid and flexible materials which can be different colours. A flexible middle membrane can be joined to rigid parts to allow for slight movement.


white plastic extrusion co-extrusion example

Packing the finished product

Most of our extrusions are wrapped in durable polythene sleeving. Shorter profiles may be boxed and despatched on pallets.

printing plastic extrusion example
colours plastic extrusion


We use different materials for custom extrusions including:

PVC - Polyvinyl chloride

  • PVC – RIGID Extremely versatile general purpose Calcium Zinc stabilised medium impact rigid PVC for internal and external use.
  • PVC – FLEXIBLE General purpose Calcium Zinc stabilised flexible PVC for internal use.
  • PVC – TRANSPARENT Clear rigid PVC.
  • PVC – FOOD GRADE General purpose Calcium Zinc stabilised PVC suitable for food contact applications.
  • PVC – NITRILE Flexible PVC with good resistance towards oil, fuel and acid which is often used in the automotive industry.

ABS - Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene High impact, lightweight and strong rigid material with good adhesive properties. Often used in automotive and aeronautical industries.

Polypropylene Versatile rigid material which is lightweight with high tensile strength and high heat resistance.

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