Is there a cut-off time for Next Day delivery?

The cut-off time for orders placed on our online shop is 4pm on a working day. If the item is in stock the checkout page will show you delivery options for the next working day, with the exception of orders to Northern Ireland and the Scottish Highlands which take longer. If the item is not in stock the delivery schedule will be shown at checkout. The cut-off time for orders placed over the phone is 3pm. 


Do you provide samples?

We are able to send pre-cut samples free of charge of any product on our on-line shop. Samples are approximately 10-15cm long.


Do you have any distributors?

In order to keep our prices as low as possible we only sell direct.


Can I buy less than 75 metres?

In order to keep our prices as low as possible we are not able to split packs as it would make our warehouse unmanageable. We are able to supply free pre-cut samples for any product on our on-line shop. If longer lengths are needed for developmental work a complete 75 metre pack would need to be purchased.


Do you have a minimum spend?

No, we do not have a minimum spend. However you have to buy complete 75 metre packs.


Is there a discount for large orders?

If you buy 10 of our standard 75 metre packs of the same product code in one order then you would get an extra 2 packs free of charge. Therefore if you buy 750 metres you would receive 900 metres of the same product.


What is the price for delivery?

When using our online shop just add the required number of packs into the basket. The delivery cost will then be displayed.


How do I know when I will receive my order?

When using our online shop just add the required number of packs into the basket. When you reach the checkout stage the delivery information will be displayed. Our system knows exactly in real time what is in stock.


How can I pay for my order?

Payments on our online shop can be made by credit card or by Amazon Pay. Payments for pro formas can be made by credit card, cheque or bank transfer. Goods for pro formas are despatched upon receipt of cleared payment.


Can I have a credit account?

In order to keep our prices as low as possible we don’t consider credit accounts until a trading history has been established and a monthly order value has been achieved.


Do you offer a cutting service?

Please contact us if you require lengths other than our standard 3 metres and we will provide you with a quote if it is within our cutting scope.


What is the longest length you can extrude?

There is no limit to the length that can be extruded. However for transportation reasons we extrude rigid material products up to 6 metres in length as part of a custom order which has a minimum value.


How much does a custom extrusion cost?

Prices for custom extrusions vary hugely depending on the size of the profile. If you send us a drawing of your design with dimensions we will provide you with a quote. The drawing can either be in electronic form or a sketch. Alternatively we can quote without a drawing if you send us a sample of your existing product. Please remember that for us to make your design you must be sure that there is no existing copyright or the rights are held by yourselves.


What materials can you extrude?

We can extrude these materials:

Rigid PVC

Flexible PVC

Transparent PVC

Food grade PVC

Nitrile PVC




Can I have a colour other than white or black?

Stock products can be manufactured in colours other than our standard white or black. However this would make it a custom order which means there is a minimum meterage requirement. This depends on the size of the profile but 1500 metres is the average minimum.

For custom production we can manufacture in any colour and we offer a range of standard colours. We can match to RAL or Pantone numbers and also provide a colour matching service if you send us a sample of an existing product that you would like to match.

Please contact us with your requirement and we will provide a quote.


Do you have a catalogue?

As part of our ISO14001:2015 environmental commitments we do not produce a physical catalogue. However our online shop provides full details of all our 600+ stock products.


Do you sell corner protection?

Many of our customers use PVC Angle Trim for corner protection purposes. This product is a 90 degree right angle and is available with both equal and unequal legs. Sizes of White PVC Angle Trim and Black PVC Angle Trim range from 5mm to 100mm.

Popular sizes of PVC Angle Profile include:

25mm Angle Trim

30mm Angle Trim

40mm Angle Trim

50mm Angle Trim