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Black plastic angle trim

Black plastic angle trim

Description for black plastic angle trim: 1st external depth - 2nd external depth - 3rd thickness | M = metres, mm = millimetres

Our black plastic angle trim is used by a wide range of sectors often to cover up uneven or damaged edges, for corner protection purposes and to trim edges of boards and panels. Black corner trim comes in many sizes and you are welcome to request samples to check suitability for your own project.

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DescriptionProduct CodeMaterialColour75 metres
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Plastic Angle Trim 80mm x80mm x 3mmA80803BExternal Grade Rigid PVCBlack 25 X 3M

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Black plastic angle trim – how we can help

Black plastic angle trim is a widely used product for many different industry sectors including refurbishment, screen manufacturing, sign makers, fitout, architectural specifications, event stands, building and construction. We make the process of sourcing black plastic angle trim as straight forward as possible, by having a large range of sizes, free pre-cut samples, competitive prices, an easy ordering process and fast delivery to mainland Great Britain.

Black PVC angle trim – find out more

Black plastic angle trim is useful for projects in darker situations, and also for occasions where the trim is not visible, so the colour is not important. If you require a colour for light situations then our plastic angle trim page shows all the options we offer, including the colour white as well as black. The rigid PVC we use for our black plastic angle trim provides a sheen rather than a high gloss or matte finish. Please ask us for a sample if you would like to see a short piece of this black angle trim, specifying the size and your contact details.

Black 90 degree angle trim can be used on internal and external corners so it is quite versatile, as our YouTube video demonstrates. This angle trim will protect corners, give a good finish to edges, as well as covering holes and unsightly damage to panels, boards and other surfaces.
Black angle trim trim is one of our most popular products. It is made from high quality external grade rigid PVC which means it can be used not only indoors but outside too. It is often referred to as black PVC angle trim. 

Black plastic angle trim – delivery timescales

We manufacture black plastic angle trim in our UK factory and have systems in place to ensure you receive your products quickly. We manufacture all our profiles ourselves. If the selected black angle trim is in stock it will be delivered the next clear working day, our online shop cut off time is 4pm. If we need to make more, the plastic angle would be with you in three clear working days. Delivery timescales are provided in the checkout page at the time an order is placed.

Fixing black corner trim

There are three main ways to fix black plastic angle trim into position: self-adhesive tape, glue and mechanical fixing. Our blog explains more about this. If you need to cut the black plastic angle trim then use a fine-toothed saw which will give you a better cut, preferably a rotary saw.

Range of black plastic trim sizes

The largest profile in our range of black plastic angle trim is 100mm x 100mm x 3mm. The smallest is 5mm x 5mm x1mm. Popular sizes are 25mm, 30mm and 50mm.

Our environmental credentials

Black plastic trim is made by us in accordance with the British Environmental Standard ISO 14001: 2015. We take our environmental responsibilities seriously as we have held this accreditation for over 20 years.


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