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Flat Bar Strips

Rigid & Flexible Plastic Edging – What’s The Difference?

Our stock range of plastic edging trim includes two types of PVC material:

  • Rigid PVC – this is an external grade of plastic PVC which is suitable for using outdoors. Although some of the thinner plastic edging strips will flex over a 3 metre length, the actual PVC material is rigid like a ruler.
  • Flexible PVC – this is an internal grade of plastic PVC which is suitable for internal use, and not for using outside. This is a soft PVC material, which is coiled. You could put it around your waist like a belt and is very different to the rigid PVC.

You can find out more about the difference between rigid PVC and flexible PVC on our blog. It’s important to select the correct type of PVC material for your needs, so you are welcome to request samples of each type so you can try before you buy.

PVC Edging Trim Uses

Our plastic edging trim is often used as edge protection because it can be fixed to edges of boards and panels to give a smooth and clean finish, covering rough or damaged surfaces. The more popular material for plastic edging is rigid PVC, whilst flexible PVC edging trim is sometimes used in internal situations where there is a tighter radius. Other uses for plastic edging trim are spacers, infill strips, buffer bars and packing strips.

How Is Rigid & Flexible Plastic Edging Trim Packaged?

Due to the differing nature of the two types of plastic edging, rigid and flexible plastic edging is packaged in different ways. They are both sold in 75 metre packs. The rigid plastic edging trim is packaged as 25 x 3 metre lengths. Whereas the soft flexible plastic edging trim is packaged as 3 x 25 metre coils, which are despatched in a box.

Square Edge and Round Edge PVC Edging Trim

Most of our PVC edging trim has square edges where the edges are 90 degrees with no curves. But we also offer some sizes with rounded edges, where some of the corners are curved rather than being square.