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Double Base and Top Channels

Plastic double sliding track

These plastic double sliding tracks contain two channels on each profile rather than a single channel. This product differs to our plastic channels which just contain a single channel. Click on the images above to see the range of sizes of double plastic sliding track. The dimensions of our plastic double sliding tracks are specified as follows:

  • 1st dimension is the internal width of each of the two channels
  • 2nd dimension is the internal height of the two channels
  • 3rd dimension is the external width
  • 4th dimension is the thickness

Our sliding cabinet door tracks are sold in 75 metre packs, and each pack contains 25 x 3 metre lengths.

Plastic sliding door track

Plastic sliding door track is often used in furniture applications such as cabinets and cupboards. The sliding door channel, which are also called runners or sliding cupboard door track, allows glass or board to be inserted into each channel to allow the cabinet to easily slide open and closed. The top track has a longer leg and the bottom track has a shorter leg, which allows for easy fitting of the glass or panel. Plastic sliding door track is usually used as a pair with both a top plastic sliding track and a bottom plastic sliding track.

Plastic sliding door track also includes both top and bottom tracks to ensure that doors will open smoothly. Double sliding door track allows a door to slide sideways instead of opening outward. Sliding cupboard door track is manufactured in our UK factory.

Other uses for plastic double channel track

As well as using double plastic track for sliding cabinet doors it is also used to build vivarium tanks. We have an additional range of vivarium channel base and top. This range of plastic channels is slightly different as it also includes a single channel so it can hold two glass panels and also be clipped onto the actual tank. This range is available for using with 15mm and 18mm boards, and 4mm and 6mm glass. See a demonstration of vivarium plastic double sliding tracks here

Glass runners

Plastic sliding door track is sometimes referred to as glass runners. PVC glass runners are often used for furniture applications, such as cabinets and cupboards, in situations where glass panels are used. Glass runners work as a two part system, in pairs with both a top channel and bottom channel. The internal widths of the glass runners vary depending on the size of glass you are using.

Not sure which plastic double sliding track you need?

Compare the different types of plastic double channel track by requesting samples. It is important to use the right width and depth of sliding cabinet door tracks for your particular application. This will depend on the width of the glass or board you are using. Let us know which size of double channel track you are looking for and we will send you a free sample. Remember that two different sizes of plastic sliding door track is often used together, a top and a bottom. So you are welcome to request samples of both top and bottom double sliding door track to test before you make a purchase.

Sliding door channel - availability

Just place the number of 75 metre packs you require into the basket on our online shop and click on the ‘checkout’ button. The checkout page will then provide you with information about the delivery date. This depends on if the sliding door channel is in stock or if we need to manufacture it.