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T Barbs Convex Top

Description guide for T Barbs Convex top: 1st external width - 2nd barb width - 3rd barb internal depth - 4th thickness | M = metres, mm = millimetres

Plastic Convex Top T Barb Strip Sections can also be used for edging trim, and gripping between gap boards.

The difference between plastic T barb and plastic T section
Plastic T barb is shaped like a capital T, and the vertical leg includes barbs along its length. The width of the barb is either 3mm or 4mm. Once the T barb is place it is harder to remove than a T section.
Plastic T section looks like a capital T with smooth edges and no barbs.

Knock-on trim
T barb, which is sometimes called knock-on trim, is designed to be knocked or pushed into a slot or groove along the edge of a board or panel. Some people use these knock on trims without glue and then knock the trim into place, but T barbs can also be fixed by gluing into place. Professional advice should be taken when using glue.
Knock-on trim can be used as edging trim and for joint filling by gripping between gaps between boards and panels. T barbs can be used to hide fixings or rough and uneven edges.
These knock on trims are often used by manufacturers of desks, office screens and partitions. Knock on trims (T barbs) with convex top can be used on straight and curved surfaces as they are available in both rigid and flexible PVC materials.
Rigid T barbs, also called rigid knock-on trims, are made from an external grade rigid PVC, which means it can be used outside. It is sold in lengths with the hardness of a ruler.
Flexible T barbs, also called flexible knock-on trims, are made from ‘rubberised’ plastic which are sold in coils. The flexible trim will curve around radiused edges as this material is a softer plastic, so it is much easier to bend than the rigid material.

T barbs convex top
If a T barb has a convex top it means that the horizontal top edge of the capital T is slightly rounded. This slightly domed T barb profile gives a professional finish to your project.

We also offer a selection of flat top T barbs. The flat top means that the horizontal top edge of the capital T is flat and not rounded.
T barbs convex top or T barbs flat top - not sure which is best? Get in touch for free samples and we will put some plastic barbs in the post for you.