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Vivarium Base and Top

Plastic glass runners

We have created a range of vivarium glass runners as a result of customer demand. These vivarium sliding tracks are used in pairs with a base double channel and a top double channel. Vivarium manufacturers use these extruded profiles as sliding door track for the glass. Vivarium glass runners can also be attached to the vivarium tank as there is a single channel incorporated into the design.
Take a look at our short video about how vivarium glass runners can be used.

How vivarium glass runners can be used

Standard glass runners

These vivarium glass runners are mainly used by vivarium manufacturers and are designed to clip onto the vivarium board and house the glass panels. If you are looking for glass runners that are not for using with vivariums then please take a look at our standard glass track runners instead. These are an alternative type of PVC double sliding track which are generally used for furniture applications, such as cabinets and cupboards. Like the vivarium glass runners, there is both a top and bottom profile.

Plastic double channel – top

Plastic double channel – base

These plastic glass runners have a range of internal widths depending on the size of glass or board you are using.

Vivarium sliding door track

Vivarium sliding door track, or vivarium glass runners, are designed so that a pane of glass can be put into each of the double channels. The result is that the cabinet doors will to easily move open and shut. It is possible to achieve this because the top track has a longer leg than the bottom track, for ease of fitting of the glass into the glass runners.
Sliding door track for vivariums are manufactured from UK sourced PVC which is an external grade PVC. This means that our vivarium sliding door tracks can be used outside as well as in a building.

Sizes and colours of sliding glass door track for vivariums

We offer sliding glass door track for vivariums to fit 4mm and 6mm glass, and 15mm and 18mm boards. These plastic vivarium glass runners are designed to be used as a pair:
Plastic vivarium channel - top

Plastic vivarium channel - base

Vivarium glass runners are available from our stock range in the colours black and white.

How to build sliding cabinet doors

Double sliding track is often used in furniture applications allowing glass or panel to be inserted into each channel. The top track has a longer leg and the bottom track has a shorter leg, which allows for easy fitting of the glass or panel.

Other types of double channel

We also have a range of PVC double sliding track, these profiles are generally used for furniture applications, such as cabinets and cupboards:
Plastic double channel – top

Plastic double channel – base

Want to check which size of vivarium sliding door track you need?

Just get in touch specifying which vivarium sliding door track profiles you are interested in and we will send you some short samples by post.