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H Sections Interlocking

2 part H section joining trim, how does it work?
2 part H section joining trim is made up from two different profiles, a base and a top. The top trim is convex in shape. Both profiles need to be purchased to result in a complete interlocking H trim.
Often the base H trim is attached to a surface, then the boards are fixed into position. The top H trim can be pressed into the base trim, which covers the joint and the fixings. The result is a strong join.

2 part H section joining trim used as a cladding joint
2 part H section joining trim is often used in wall and ceiling cladding projects where one board is not large enough to complete the project. The interlocking 2 part H trim can provide a joint between cladding boards, so it is sometimes called cladding joint.

What boards sizes can be used with 2 part H trim?
We have three sizes of 2 part H trim top section, which are suitable for boards sizes between 9mm to 22mm. All of our H trim top sections fit into the H trim base, which is 36mm wide.
The 2 part H trim includes small barbs, so it can be used for different board thicknesses depending on how hard the top section is pushed in.

Other types of plastic H joining trim
We have two other plastic H joining trims which do not interlock:
Equal plastic H trim - both external legs are the same dimension.
Unequal plastic H trim - one external leg is longer than the other leg.

Request a sample of plastic 2 part H trim
Let us know which plastic H trim samples you would like and we will post them to you.