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6.5mm Plastic Square Tubing

6.5mm Plastic Square Tubing

Description guide for 6.5mm Plastic Square Tubing: 1st external depth - 2nd external depth - 3rd thickness | M = metres, mm = millimetres

With its rectangular shape, our 6.5mm square plastic tubing measures 15mm x 6.5mm externally. The thickness is 1mm and it is made from external grade PVC in both black and white. Explore more sizes of square plastic tubing in our online shop.

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BOX 15mm x 6.5mm x 1mm more information symbolBO15651WExternal Grade Rigid PVCWhite 25 X 3M
BOX 15mm x 6.5mm x 1mm more information symbolBO15651BExternal Grade Rigid PVCBlack 25 X 3M

2 Items

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Plastic square tubing

As well as round plastic tubing we also offer a selection of plastic square tubing. Plastic square tubing is a type of tube or pipe which is square in shape rather than round. Plastic square tubing has four outer walls with a hollow area inside those walls. Therefore it is not solid throughout the product. If you require a solid square extrusion please take a look at our 27mm square profile.
We have 10 different sizes of plastic square tubing available on our online shop. Each of these 10 sizes are available in either white or black, resulting in a total range of 20 square plastic tubes. For plastic square tubing in other colours you are welcome to contact us for a quote for custom production.
Plastic square tube is available to purchase in packs of 75 metres, there are 25 lengths of 3 metres in each pack. The material used to manufacture our square tubing is rigid PVC. PVC square tube is made using an external grade of plastic, which means it can be used for both outside and inside projects.

What is a square tube called?

Square tube is also known as plastic box section, plastic box profile and square pipe. The word ‘section’ is another name for ‘profile’ which is also an extrusion. Square tubing has four outer walls with a hollow space in the middle, therefore it is not solid throughout.

Applications for plastic square tubing

Although round plastic tubing is the most often used type of PVC tube or pipe, there are certain situations where square or rectangular tubing is preferred. Many of our customers use plastic square tubing and rectangular tubing for framing, cable applications and projects requiring a spacer. Another popular use is for the growing hydroponics industry, which involves growing plants without soil.
If you would like to check whether square, rectangular or round tubing is more suitable for your project please get in touch with us to request samples which we can send you free of charge.

How our plastic square tube is measured

Our plastic square tube is measured externally, which means the profile is measured externally rather than internally. So it is not measured from within the hollow area, it is measured from the outer edges of the shape.
The first dimension is the external depth of the square PVC pipe. The smallest square tubing measures 13mm externally, and the largest measures 60mm externally. The second dimension is also the external depth.
The third measurement is the thickness, which is offered in 1mm, 1.5mm and 3mm depending on the size of the external depth of the plastic square tube.

A variation - rectangular plastic tube

Square plastic tubing is the most frequently asked for shape for this type of PVC profile. However sometimes a square shape is not suitable. Therefore we also offer 5 different sizes of rectangular plastic tube. For these, the first two dimensions are not the same number which indicates that they are rectangular in shape.
The smallest of our rectangular square tubing is BOX 11mm x 6mm x 1mm and the largest size is BOX 50mm x 25mm x 3mm. Each of these 5 sizes are available in either white or black, making a range of 10 square plastic tubes in total.

uPVC Rectangular Section

Our rigid plastic profiles are manufactured from an unplasticised polyvinyl chloride grade of material. This is often referred to as uPVC and is suitable for using outside. This term is widely used in the double-glazing and window industries, where additional stabilisers are often added to the uPVC, which are not used on our uPVC products. Our range of uPVC plastic square box section includes some uPVC rectangular section. The smallest is 11mm x 6mm x 1mm, and the largest is 50mm x 25mm x 3mm. These are rectangular in shape rather than square. uPVC rectangular tube is sold in 75 metre packs, each containing 25 x 3 metre lengths. If you are not sure whether uPVC rectangular section is suitable for your project please request a sample to check.

Also known as square PVC pipe

When searching online, plastic square tubing is also known under several other names. This is because another word for tube or tubing is pipe. 

If you are looking for square PVC pipe our range may offer you a solution. The largest size of square PVC pipe we manufacture is 60mm. So for larger sizes we recommend you contact a roofing or conservatory company who specialise in the larger sizes of square plastic pipe.

Plastic box section – another name

The word ‘section’ is another name for ‘profile’ which is also an extrusion. Some people refer to plastic square tubing as plastic box section, it means the same thing. Plastic box section can be used in external situations so this product is sometimes referred to as uPVC plastic box section of uPVC square tubing. This is because it is manufactured using an external grade of PVC which is unplasticised.
So if you are looking for plastic box section, square PVC pipe or plastic square tube we might be able to offer you a solution. Please get in touch to request free samples which we can send you by post.

Plastic square tubes – made in Britain

We manufacture plastic square tubes in our British factory and because we work around the clock during the week can provide a fast delivery service to mainland Britain. For orders placed before 4pm you should receive the goods the next working day if they are in stock. If they are out of stock we can quickly manufacture more plastic square tubing which should be delivered to you in three clear working days all being well with the carrier company. The timescale for delivery is indicated on the checkout page of our online shop and on your order confirmation email. For some of the more remote postcodes, including offshore islands, an extra few days will be added to the delivery timescale.
We are a member of Made in Britain where you can view our listing with them. We are proud of our customer reviews which you can see on Trustpilot.


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