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22mm Plastic Angle Trim

22mm Plastic Angle Trim

Description guide for 22mm plastic angle trim: 1st external depth - 2nd external depth - 3rd thickness | M = metres, mm = millimetres

This 22mm plastic angle trim is available as an equal angle trim and has a thickness of 1.5mm. It is often used for edge trimming purposes and for covering corners of boards and panels. Available in 75 metre packs in black and white. Samples are available upon request. Browse through our large range of plastic angle trims.

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DescriptionProduct CodeMaterialColour75 metres
per pack
per pack
Plastic Angle Trim 22mm x 22mm x 1.5mm more information symbolA222215WExternal Grade Rigid PVCWhite 25 X 3M
Plastic Angle Trim 22mm x 22mm x 1.5mm more information symbolA222215BExternal Grade Rigid PVCBlack 25 X 3M

2 Items

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Plastic angle trim product range

MKM Extrusions offers a huge range of plastic angle trim with many sizes ranging from 5mm to 100mm. So whether you are looking for a black or white plastic angle, equal or unequal PVC angle, we hope to be able to help. Our Plastic angle trim is made of rigid PVC is sold in 75 metre packs with 25 X 3 metre lengths in each pack. Because the material we use is rigid PVC, it can also be called a PVC angle trim. Among other sizes, it is available in 10mm, 20mm, 25mm, 50mm and 100mm. Besides angle trims, we stock different shapes of plastic trim.

Plastic angle sizes

Plastic angle trim is an L shaped profile, it is available in both equal and unequal leg sizes. Popular sizes include 10mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 50mm and 100mm with plenty of other sizes widely available. Often used for corner protection and edge trimming.

Plastic angle trims in different colours

Our plastic angle trim is sold on our online shop in 75 metre packs in the colours white and black, as they are the most popular colours for this type of trim. We do not sell our 75 metre packs of plastic angle trims in other colours because we have a huge product range and there are unlimited colour variations. But if you require a different colour it is possible for us to do this as custom production, we can match to RAL or Pantone numbers and also provide a colour matching service.
There is an extra charge for the colour and a much larger meterage requirement is required. This is quoted upon request and depends on the size of the PVC angle trim, but the average is 2000 metres.

White plastic angle trim

We have 45 different sizes of white plastic angle trim, in sizes as small as 5mm going up to the largest at 100mm. Short pre-cut samples are available upon request which are then posted to you.

This white corner trim is used by many different sectors on both internal and external corners. White corner trim can provide edge and corner protection, as well as being a solution to hiding damaged or uneven surfaces.

We manufacture white plastic angle trim in our British factory and we have processes in place to get these PVC angles to you as quickly as possible at a competitive price.

Black plastic angle trim

Black plastic angle trim is available in 45 sizes, with both equal and unequal legs. They are often used for darker situations or when the profile is not visible such as underground or behind panels.

Black PVC angle trim offers a range of solutions, including covering edges, hiding gaps and corner protection. Let us know if you are unsure which size to choose and we can post you some samples to help you decide. Both the white and black plastic trim are manufactured in accordance with the British Quality Standard ISO 9001:2015 and the British Environment Standard ISO 14001: 2015.

Plastic angle trim in different dimensions

Our PVC angle is available on our online shop in many different sizes and dimensions, but sometimes you may not find the exact size of plastic angle trim you need. If you require a small amount it may be worth contacting a plastic fabrication company that could fold a PVC sheet to your exact requirements.
For larger production runs, we can manufacture angle trim to your specific size, but this would involve tooling costs and a minimum run of around 2000 metres. This is dependant on the size of the right angle trim and can be quoted to you.

Unequal plastic angle trim explained

All our unequal plastic angle trim is shaped as a right-angled L shape with two legs of different lengths. This could be because your project requires more coverage on one surface than the other. An example of unequal dimensions is 50mm x 25mm x 1.5mm where there is double the size on the longer leg than the shorter leg. We also have equal angle trim if you need both legs to be the same length.

Equal plastic angle trim explained

All our equal angle trim is shaped as a 90-degree right angle with two legs of the same length. This is our most popular style of plastic angle trim. The smallest equal size is 5mm and the largest is 100mm with many sizes in between. We also have unequal PVC angle trim if you require one leg to be shorter than the other.

Is a plastic angle trim the same as a PVC angle trim?

If you are looking for a right-angle plastic trim we have a very large range which is manufactured from a type of rigid plastic called PVC. This is an abbreviation of Polyvinyl Chloride and is widely used. When sourcing the right plastic angle for your project we may be able to help if rigid PVC is suitable for your particular needs. To help you ascertain if a particular profile is the right PVC angle trim for you, just get in touch to request a sample. Our right-angle plastic trim is available in many different sizes in both white and black. If a different plastic material is required we can quote for production using some alternative materials. But as this would be custom production it can only be done for larger meterage requirements, usually 2000 metres.

Where can our PVC angle trim be used?

The plastic we use for our plastic angle trims is an external grade rigid PVC which means our plastic angles are suitable for using outdoors as well as indoors. There are no plasticisers added to this angle trim. This makes it an uPVC angle trim, as the ‘u’ stands for unplasticised. In some industries additional stabilisers can be added to the uPVC, which are not used on our uPVC products. You can also check our blog explaining the difference between PVC and uPVC

How to fix a Plastic angle trim

There are several methods on how to fix plastic angle trim: self-adhesive tape, glue and mechanical fixing. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages. Requesting short samples from us will allow you to trial your method of fixing before making a purchase.

This product comes in 3 metre lengths (the pack total is 75 metres) so you may need to cut the length if the trim is too long for your needs. The best way to do this is by using a fine-toothed rotary saw, the more teeth the saw has the better the resulting cut will be.

Who uses PVC plastic angles?

We have customers from almost every sector who use our right angle PVC trim, our range of customers is very broad. Sectors that use our plastic angle trim include fitout, construction, signage, builders, architects, hoardings, film studios, refrigerated vehicles and shopfitting to name but a few. Typically it is used as corner trim and corner protection because the angle of the trim is 90 degrees so the trim works well on corners and edges. But it can also offer many other solutions.

Using a plastic angle as a corner trim

Plastic corner trim is often used to protect corners of walls from damage in a variety of settings including hospitals, schools, care homes and offices. Anywhere where people or objects are moving, leading to potential harm for hard surfaces.
Our PVC corner trim is also used in other settings where 90-degree corners or edges need protection or existing damage needs to be covered up. This could include sectors such as sign makers, exhibition stands, packaging and transport plus many more.
As well as covering damage, corner trim can cover unsightly gaps. These profiles are high quality and will provide a professional finish to your project

Using it for plastic edging

Plastic edging is available in several different designs. This includes flat bar strips, plastic lipping, plastic channels, plastic angle trim, plastic J channels and capping. They will all cover edges but have different numbers and styles of faces depending on your own particular project requirements.
The most basic is the flat bar strip, whilst the plastic lipping is similar but has an added lip to the strip. Plastic angle trim is L shaped and plastic channels are U shaped. Plastic J channels and plastic capping are both J shaped.
We offer a wide variety of plastic edging solutions.

Manufacturing plastic angle trim

Our PVC angle trim is made in the UK from UK sourced raw materials. We produce high quality rigid PVC angle trim and are accredited with the British Quality Standard ISO 9001:2015 which offers peace of mind to our customers. This means our angle trim is of great quality.

Manufactured in the UK

We manufacture PVC angle trim in our UK factory and we are a member of the Made In Britain organisation. They enable buyers and consumers to identify a wide range of British-made products.
As well as being the manufacturer of plastic angle trims we also sell direct and do not have stockists. Our streamlined processes mean we can quickly get high quality angle trim from our factory to you wherever you are in mainland Great Britain.

Plastic angle trims accredited by British ISO standards

We have been accredited with two British Standards for many years and are inspected by external auditors each year to check our quality and environmental systems and processes. We are proud to hold both ISO 9001:2015 (Quality) and ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental). This means that our plastic angle trim is produced to high standards with environmental considerations playing an important part.

The production process of plastic angle trims

Plastic angle trim is manufactured by an extrusion process. Raw materials in the form of compound are fed into an extruder machine. The compound is heated and the molten polymer is pushed through a die. The die is a tool used in manufacturing to form material to a desired shape of the plastic trim. In this case the shape is a 90-degree L shape angle. The plastic profile is held in shape by formers and goes through water baths as part of the cooling process. The plastic angle trim then hardens upon cooling.

The PVC we use for our rigid plastic angle trims

Our plastic angle trims are manufactured using an external grade rigid PVC, therefore it is suitable for being used outside as well as inside.

Choose the right shape and size plastic (PVC) angle trim

Plastic angle trim is available in many sizes and thicknesses. Our angle trim from stock is available in white and black and with equal or unequal legs.

Where to buy plastic angle trims

MKM Extrusions is a UK manufacturer of plastic angle trims. They offer an extensive range of sizes from 5mm to 100mm available from stock in both black and white. Competitive prices, easy to order online with a free sample service.

Ask for a sample

We offer free pre-cut samples so you can check the dimensions and profile shape and colour of your PVC angle trim. Get in touch if you would like a sample of our 90 degrees plastic corner trim and we will post it to you.

Choosing the right plastic angle trim

There are several factors to consider when choosing the right plastic angle trim. Probably the most important is the dimensions of the two legs of the angle trim. Other factors are the thickness of the product, if you would like the legs to be equal or unequal in length, and the colour you require.

Our standard 75 metre packs are available in the colours white and black. Other colours can be made as a custom extrusion, therefore a larger production run would be necessary. This is an average of 1500 metres but it depends on the size of the profile and can be quoted on request.

Do we offer discount on plastic angles?

Our plastic PVC angle trim is priced competitively on a like for like basis, for exactly the same product made with the same standard of quality.
For larger orders we offer discount. If you buy 10 packs of the same product code then you will get 2 packs of plastic angle trim extra free of charge. That means that if you buy 750 metres of plastic angle you would actually receive 900 metres of the same product. This works out as a 20% discount and the offer is applied automatically on our online shop.


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